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Foil Insulation for Virginia, Maryland, and Metro D.C. Area Attics, Walls, Basements, and More

foil insulationFoil insulation is a necessity for Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. area residents who want to dramatically reduce their monthly energy bills. Reflective insulation repels the type of heat transfer that traditional insulation does not – radiation. Traditional fiberglass batts and spray foams don’t address radiant heat, but they stoutly impede heat conduction and convection. Retrofitting your home’s existing insulation with foil insulation offers triple heat protection for increased energy savings.

Bear in mind that not all reflective foil insulation is the same. Ameritech is proud to sell and install eShield – the revolutionary, multilayer, radiant foil barrier – for attics, walls, basements, and other areas in homes throughout the greater D.C. area. eShield is the product of more than a decade of research in radiant heat transfer. Its advanced design emulates the same cutting-edge technology that keeps astronauts safe from the sun’s rays in space. Some homeowners who have chosen to have eShield radiant insulation installed in conjunction with existing fiberglass or foam insulation have experienced energy savings of more than 50%.

While most homeowners tend to concentrate on the attic when it comes to insulation, radiant heat can escape or enter homes in any direction. Foil insulation can be installed nearly anywhere in your home, including in:

For decades, Ameritech Construction has been helping homeowners in Silver Spring, Germantown, Alexandria, Woodbridge, and all across Virginia and Maryland lower their homes’ energy consumption.

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